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      1. Company Profile

        Leading the Fashion Industry

        by World-class Brand



        As a multi-brand fashion operator with international operation model and global market,

        RAIDY BOER ENTERPRISE is committed to providing the stakeholders (including consumers, partners and employees, etc.)

        and the whole society with branded garments with three-dimensional model of integrated operation to create real international quality experience for consumers,

        development opportunities for employees and partners,

        and values for the society.

        After a journey of 12 years development,

        Raidy Boer has become a multi-brand international fashion operator with a three-dimensional operation model integrated with resources of international brand,

        designing, operation management, supply chain and marketing.


        the corporate proprietary brands Raidy Boer,

        GHILARO and acting Italian brand ferrante have become the core elements of

        the multi-brand international operation model of Raidy Boer Enterprise.

        A success in international market driven by International operation strategy.

        Products under the umbrella of Raidy Boer Enterprise have entered the market of over 30 countries, such as Italy, Russia, Canada, India, South Africa and Uruguay, etc.

        And over 600 special counters and franchised stores have been set up in more than 20 provinces and cities of Mainland China, including Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, etc.

        In recent years,

        Raidy Boer has focused on integrated operation of more international brands to become a first-class international brand operator which will bring real international brand experience to consumers and create a win-win business development environment by fulfilling the corporate vision of "Leading the Fashion Industry by World-class Brand",

        and committing to realizing the core value of "Being a Customer-centric Fashion Leader and a human-oriented Developer to Create Value through Joint Efforts and be committed to Sustainable Development".

        Add: No. 199, Second Section of Xinhua Road, Haixia Science Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu  Zip:610000  Tel:028-82669999                 蜀ICP備13002616號-2

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