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Interesting Article on Kids and Juniors Scuba Program Success

I found the following article interesting and hope that it might have some impact on creating further kids programs elsewhere.

My own youngest son aged just 14 has recently got his PADI Advanced Scuba Diver ranking and what was even better was his older Brother was his Instructor.

Getting people younger and earlier into the sport will create a much longer period of potential earning for dive businesses and lead to people being more aware and protective of the natural world around them.

Scuba Diving is a pastime that requires some element of common sense and health and safety awareness as well as team work all of which will benefit our children going forwarrd.

Click the Link Below for the Article–into-fun-103194904.html

Amazing DIVE – Viva la Scuba

I love this video for many reasons but most of all because it’s smart marketing, the Team at AmazingDive know how to make themselves very visible.
Another scuba company connected to AmazingDive have an Ipod App, this is the kind of marketing awareness that will make YOUR scuba company easier to find before your competitors.

If you have any videos you would like us to show please send us a link.

Global Collapse of Fisheries

A big thank you to my friends at Reef Teach who posted this on Facebook:

Did you know that leading fisheries scientists predict a GLOBAL COLLAPSE OF FISHERIES by 2048? Sadly, Australia recently ranked only 31st out of 51 major fish-producing nations in terms of the sustainability of our fisheries and the Southern Bluefin Tuna is still being fished to the brink of extinction. But it’s not too late to do something about it. Support campaigns like The Exhausted Oceans Appeal (link below), or change your eating habits! There are links at to guides on buying sustainable seafood in Australia, Europe and North America. Download them and change the way you eat seafood today!

Diving in Puerto Galera (pt 2)

A big thank you to John Carlo Sola  at Mermaid Resort and Dive Centre here’s the second part of the article I hope you enjoy it.

< style="color: #888888;">Part 2


There are over 40 dive sites in Sabang, PG alone. Each of them offers a unique diving thrill ranging from sea life colors to drifts, caves and underwater hot springs. Talk to the dive masters/guides and tell them you’d like to try out something different every dive. It has been my experience that they would be extremely happy to take you around.

Another way to diversify is to take day and night dives. Avid water adventurers know for a fact that it a different wonderland at night and during the day. And don’t limit yourself to just diving. Remember, it’s your whole stay that would determine whether you had a great time or not. That said, try out other activities.

Explore Other Activities in Between Dive

While PG is clearly a SCUBA diver’s paradise, there are quite a number of other activities available to make your stay filled with a variety of experiences. Take, for example, snorkeling. A special pleasure on its own is to have a banca take you around a small area of water to witness marine life with a different perspective a lot of divers may have already forgotten.

All the other activities will be listed in a separate article but here’s an overview. In PG, one can do nature tripping to Tamaraw Falls, go golfing at Ponderosa Golf Course, go island hopping to the many tropical islands around, experience the night life of Sabang, and lots more. In between dives, taking on other activities would in turn be a great way to network with other divers.

Network with Other Divers

There’s no best resource to information than personal experience. So I should say, whenever you can, talk to the regulars of PG. If a great time is what you’re looking for, they’d know what to suggest. There are many ways to network with them. Of course, it already happens in the dive centers. Another would be in day bars where you can have beer with all sorts of diver folk. One more way would be at the resort, while having coffee or having meals.

Stay at the Best Resort

And it goes without saying that the whole diving experience is pretty much affected by where you stay. Waking up in the morning with a backache because of a bad bed, or getting really bad customer service from a hotel staff could very much define your mood the whole day thereby affecting your diving experience. It is highly advisable to stay at a quality resort and you’ll be very happy to see everything else fall into place.

< style="font-family: Verdana, 'Times New Roman', 'Bitstream Charter', Times, serif; color: #4b4b4b;">I hope you enjoyed this great article, we are more than happy to include yours also. write me [email protected]

Diving in Puerto Galera (pt 1)

A big thank you to John Carlo Sola  at Mermaid Resort and Dive Centre for the following two part article I hope you enjoy it.

Diving in Puerto Galera is a must for any serious SCUBA enthusiast as well as for those just about thinking of taking on the underwater sport. With its awesome dive sites teeming with excellent coral reefs and excitingly vibrant marine life, Puerto Galera, dubbed the Pearl of Mindoro, is also part of the “center of the center of marine biodiversity in the world” according to Environmental Biology of Fishes. Underwater photography and videography find subjects in several wrecks, colorful Nudibranchs, sponges, and sea fans, and the main attraction of South East Asia’s Coral Triangle.

But diving in Puerto Galera (PG) is not only about the experience of “getting wet.” The whole package is what counts. Here are a few tips that would make your diving vacation a truly memorable experience.

Book in Advance and Plan your Trip

There is truth to the saying that “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” No matter how much promise a trip or a destination gives you, there is much more to be gained from a well thought out venture. Read about PG from travel books and travel resources online. Search the web for travel reviews. Ask friends who’ve actually gone diving around these parts.

Map out the trip down to the smallest details from the best places to stay in, the best dive shops to dive with, and all your booking options. You may be surprised to learn how much discounts you can get if you book in advance. While knowing the best dates to book for your vacation could mean either you’ll have the whole place almost exclusively to yourself or there will be a lot of other divers you could network with. Any of the two would be good, depending on your overall plan.

Go with the Best Dive Center Possible

Once you’re done planning your trip and reading about PG, you’ll have a list of some dive centers you can go with. Some of the best dive shops in PG can be found in Sabang. Most often than not, they are the ones that really look good. That is, those with new equipment, a clean compressor room, equipment cleaning areas, and well kept interiors. If it feels and looks great, you’d know the shop actually invested to provide quality service.

The centers to go with are those with clear information ready all over. These are the ones that have printed material on dive sites, rates, courses and those critical to the day such as tide and weather information. Also consider their extras. The best often provide towels, hot and cold showers, and beverages. In addition, go with the SCUBA shops that can actually handle several guests all at the same time. This ability comes in handy when it comes to the next tip, which deals with diversification

(pt 2 to follow soon)

How Dumb Are These People – Shark Fin Soup

via facebook from Rodney Fox Great White Shark Expeditions

Rodney Fox Great White Shark Expeditions Fox shark scientist Crystal Beckmann has bought to our attention on this page the terribly dissapointing news that shark fin soup is actually being celebrated and even promoted in our very own Adelaide local media, with no mention of the tragedy that shark finning brings. Please see the link and make your thoughts known there.

So there you are everybody, if you are able write to the newspaper on the link on the article and make your feelings known.

And if you live in Adelaide make sure you give this place a very wide berth and encourage your friends to do the same.

What it also shows is just how out of touch with the real world is the Adelaide now newspaper

Stop Whaling Now

Does anybody except for the Japanese and a few murderous bastards on the Faroe Islands who cull whales in a pathetic outdated murderous blood lust fueled savage beach based attack in front of families of blood crazed Faroe Islanders plus a few small Islands that actually do need to kill the occasional whale to survive, does anybody else think that killing whales is necessary in this modern world?

Well actually yes, These big gentle creatures are being hunted to extinction under what ever pretense certain countries can find.

The Canadians allow the Inuits to hunt whales in small numbers, as do some Caribbean Islands who hunt using traditional methods.

Some small Indonesian Islands still hunt using traditional methods and due to religious reasons they at least use all of the creatures they kill.

The ever helpful UN who were obviously unhappy at the lack of whales being killed did provide them with a Whaling ship to help them take more Whales, luckily for the Whales these people are not killing to sell into other countries, the whales are used in their small communities and so the Whaling ship was abandoned. Thankfully, Now maybe the UN can get back to watching people die in massacres while they do nothing but drive around in big white Toyota 4x4s.

Iceland keeps changing it’s mind about whaling, stopping it all together at one stage before coming back with the old scientific whaling bullshit excuse before finally dropping that pretense and going full on back into commercial whaling again in 2006, taking around 30 whales.

The USA allows Alaska natives to take an average of around 50 whales a year, although the Makah tribe from the Washington State area are also trying to resume whaling so expect the numbers to rise.

The Russians take around 140 whales every year.

Greenland, and again it’s the Inuits who hunt taking around 175 whales a year.

Norway hunts around 600 a year.

The Japanese claim scientific reasons for why they catch Whales, and to protect the fish stocks which of course the Japanese are also overfishing blindly, the Japanese catch or at least admit to catching around 1000 whales a year for what ever bullshit research they claim to do, I think it’s how much they can sell each whale for at market!

The Faroe Islanders kill around 1000 whales a year (mainly Pilot Whales) but in a technicality it’s actually a species of Dolphin, Oh well that’s OK then I don’t feel so bad for the bloody slaughter where hundreds of these gentle creatures are slaughtered together by small dicked faroese who consider the method of murder an important part of their culture as they turn the sea red and murder animal after animal one in front of the other in a most brutal manner.

If you must You can watch the slaughter here.

There are also significant numbers of Whales killed both by collision with ships and also by pollution.

Whales are mainly hunted with explosive harpoons, according to reports they take many minutes even hours to die.

And what of the Whale meat, well it often contains pollutants indeed the meat taken by the Faroese is said to have such a high toxin level it is supposed to have a detrimental effect on those that eat it, good job, too I say. Although it could help explain the less than humane behavior they exhibit while murdering the whales, in fact mentally retarded children are being born at an a fast rising rate on their hovel of an island.

The latest atrocity by the Japanese whaling fleet was the attempted murder of six members of the Sea Shepherd team by deliberately ramming their much, much smaller boat because apparently they were trying to throw rope around the whaling ships rudder and propeller, unlikely given the size such a rope would have to be and how close they would have to get to the boat to actually get a rope to sink in time to get caught up in the equipment and they also threw ‘stink’ bombs, for that the Japanese ship thought it necessary to try and kill these people and destroy their beautiful trimaran which was a successful round the world speed powerboat in a previous life.

Please do all you can to help stop this needless hunting.

Stop Shark Finning – Bite Back Restaurant Campaign

Continuing on from my post on the Shark Finning issue, I came across this on the net and thought it was a very sensible approach for those who wish to try and stop restaurants in your area selling Shark Fin Soup or at least educate them.

Follow the Link to the Bite-Back Website. Bite-Back is a Shark and Marine Conservation Website, If you have a minute check it out.

Shark Fin Soup – How Can We Stop This Barbarism?

Protect Them

The main thing I see coming through from Scuba websites is the message that the sea and all in it needs protecting.

And it’s hard to disagree,  we can and do farm most above sea animals that we eat and therefore control the supply and ensure that animals are not just hunted to extinction, although of course there are still some uneducated people who will kill off animals due to belief in various cures or sexual benefits and they will buy into it regardless of all the suffering of the animals.

Anyway nobody throws a net around a massive field catching everything in it and killing most everything in the net whether it is suitable for eating or not.

Also, you don’t have the situation where an animal that has been caught and is almost dead but is too small for the food industry will be chucked back into the field probably to die anyway.

Yet, fish caught in the sea are regularly thrown back usually dead or dying because they do not fit the rules necessary for landing. It’s a stupid pointless thing that does not actually make any real difference.

Also a net does not discriminate and so many creatures which were never intended to be caught do end up stuck in nets and dying. The sea is being raped of it’s riches there is no other word for it.

Sharks for example, now the numbers vary, but somewhere between 50 and 100 million sharks are killed every year a number that simply is not sustainable. A massive percentage of them are not actually even killed, well not before they get thrown back into the sea minus all their fins while they are alive, they are then chucked overboard to sink to the bottom and die a slow death, and don’t think it’s only adult sharks that suffer this treatment, sharks of all sizes get treated the same way, the people behind this vile crime do not even care about ‘managing’ the animals, it’s just an all out slaughter and f**k the future.

Sharks produce on average one pup a year and some do not even reach sexual maturity until aged between 15 and 25 years, making recovery a long painful and at this stage a not even guaranteed process even if all fishing stopped tomorrow.

The other side of this is that the ocean in many areas is losing it’s number one predator and this is NOT a good thing as it creates a gap in the natural food chain that then gets filled by other creatures, these usually change the way the food chain operates which leads to either a massive increase in creatures that further damage the eco system, Crown of Thorns Starfish that destroy coral for example. Many areas now have seen a loss of one food source  or another due to all this shark killing, lobsters for example as their prey Octopus are no longer being eaten by Sharks, lobsters in certain areas are struggling to survive. Scallop beds being destroyed by rays that are experiencing a population boom in areas where sharks been decimated. Lion fish are turning up in great numbers..

It further looks likely that killing off Sharks will actually damage the Tuna and Jack populations (which are also being fished far to heavily to survive) as the seabirds which Sharks feed on actually take baby Tuna and Jacks.

These are just a few examples.

Of course nothing will be done to stop any of this happening until it is too late, we are after all the human race, we are smart and innovative scientifically but as a group we are too greedy, cruel and stupid to do anything about protecting the world around us.

So, what can I do to change it I hear you ask?

Well, strange as it may seem you can actually do something to at least slow this slaughter which will eventually effect all our lives if not stopped.

Refuse to eat in places that have Shark Fin soup on the menu.

Although the western press like to blame the Chinese  for the slaughter  and they are a massive part of it, if like me you live or dive in Asia, their are some plain greedy restaurants in YOUR neighborhood that will be selling the stuff, I am  surrounded by them.

And if you wish to see the horror of shark finning watch this video: It’s not pleasant, but it is an indication of what happens to these sharks, all for soup!

The sad thing is that murderers and pedophiles get more compassion than these poor creatures and they contribute nothing to society.

If you like to Scuba you really should do all you can to protect ‘your’ playground from destruction.

What we also need is for so called educated TV presenters to stop describing sharks as man eaters, killers etc, very few people get attacked by sharks every year, you are a thousand times more likely to drown for instance.