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Blue Horizon Liveaboards

Blue Horizon Liveaboards

Blue Horizon Liveaboards

Blue Horizon has 3 liveaboards at the moment from basic to deluxe standard of vessels. With more than 20 years of experience, Blue Horizon Team can arrange your dive holidays to the areas where the action is. Maldives is 99% sea and 1% land archipilago consisting of 1’190 islands and with Blue Horizon team you get to see and Enjoy more of the Maldives. Come and enjoy rush of adrenalin in comfort and great atmosphere.

Ocean Oasis

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Tel: +960 3321160

Fax: 3328797

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Skype: bluehorizon777

Let's Get Ready To Dive With Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon, Maldives Islands.1st Floor, H. Light Grey, Male’. (near UN Building).

Horizon Rani

Horizon II

Diving Seasons of Maldives.

  • The southwest season (May to October)
  • The end of May generally sees the change of monsoon season from southwest. The diving on the west side of the atoll in the southwest season is spectacular. You will regularly encounter large schools of pelagic fish like sharks, eagle rays and tuna.
  • Another noticeable feature of the southwest season is that the water temperature is usually one or two degrees lower that the usual 28º C (82ºF). This has an effect on both the behaviour and sightings of marine life, particularly the grey reef sharks and hammerheads , which seem to congregate in larger numbers and in shallower water at this time of year.
  • On the eastern side of the atolls, the southwest season is the best time to see manta rays and whale sharks. Here your visibility is not so good, but this is compensated for by the wonderful experience of diving with these huge plankton feeders.
  • The northeast season (November to April)
  • From November onwards the currents begin to flow from the northeast, visibility is superb and there is lots of action in the channels and thilas on the eastern side of the atolls from the sharks and other pelagic species.
  • Currents tend to be stronger in January and then ease as we move into February. From February the waters calm down and the surface of the sea is undisturbed by any major wind or wave action. The doldrums continue through March and April with easy diving and slack currents.
  • Throughout the northeast season, pelagic species such as shark and jacks are to be found on the current points on the eastern side of the atoll. In addition, there is usually a cornucopia of reef life. Manta rays and whale sharks, however, will only really be found on the west side during the northeast season.

Ningaloo Reef Dreaming

Ningaloo Reef Dreaming, Exmouth Western Australia

Leading the World in Eco-Friendly Whale Shark Tours

Ningaloo Reef Dreaming is all about diving, snorkelling and cruising the way it ought to be – fun, safe, professional and wonderful! We love doing what we do, and we would love to share the wonders of the Ningaloo with you!

The NAVY PIER, If you have ever been SCUBA diving, or ever wanted to try, you simply cannot miss this dive! Descend into one of Mother Nature’s own aquariums, with a truly stunning range of marine life, both HUGE! and small – giant cod, sharks, nudibranches, a massive range of fish, rays, moray eels, turtles, amazing soft corals and more!

Dive the best sites the world famous Ningaloo Reef has to offer! Walls, caves, swim-throughs and stunning corals – with massive cod, giant moray eels, sharks, and a range of fish, turtles and dolphins to keep you company!

Not far of shore we have the stunning internationally acclaimed Muiron islands, a group of deserted islands 16kms off the coast. Meet “Clive” the friendly giant cod, have manta rays swim acrobatics around you, explore coral caves, swim through huge schools of fish. Diving the Muirons is diving at its best!

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Dive Sites: Exmouth Navy Pier –   Muron Islands –    Ningaloo Reef

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Tel: 08-9949 4777

Mobile: 04-08146508

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Lot 1 Shop 393 Maidstone Crescent PO Box 237 Exmouth WA 6707


Bastianos Bunaken Diving Resort

Bastianos Bunaken Diving Resort

Bastianos Bunaken Island Dive Resort



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Dive Sites: Bunaken Marine Park Click

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Tel: +62 811 435176

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Bastianos Bunaken Diving Resort, Liang Beach, Bunaken Island, Manadao, North Sulawesi

Mailing Address Only: Jl. Cokroaminoto, No.19 Manado, 95122, Indonesia

Bali Bubbles Dive Center

Bali Bubbles Dive Center

Bali Bubbles Dive Center

    Bali has one of the best divesites in the world, because it is situated at the connection between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, in the middle of the world’s richest marine bio-geographical  area.

  • Within 20 minutes we have more than 10 dive-locations, where you can see the beauty of the underwater life of Bali, because we are located in Candi Dasa at the east part of Bali, in the center of the most popular divesites in Bali. Don’t be suprised to meet huge schools of baracuda, tuna, triggerfish, lobster, manta-ray, anglerfish, lionfish, mola-mola, reefsharks, moray-eel, napoleonwrasse, turtles, clownfish, nudibranch and of course beautiful hard and soft coral during your dive. Let yourself be surprised!

Bali Bubbles Dive Center - Rays

Dive Courses: We do run dive training courses, from introduction dive until professional level.

Dive Sites: The dive sites that we visits:


  • Padang Bai at a glance:
  • Access  : 15 minutes drive from Candidasa
  • Marine life : nudibranch, ghostpipe fish, moray eels, lion fish, octopus, frogfish, rays, crocodile fish, cuttlefish and you may see sharks and turtle frequently
  • Visibility : 15-25 m (best in June – October)
  • Facilities : some inns, hotels, warungs (small restaurant), and other accommodation here that suits your budget
  • Current : mild to moderate, good condition for beginners, but strong when full moon.
  • Highlight : one of the best places for UW photopraphy
  • Padangbai is a small town in eastern Bali, near of Candidasa. It is located in
  • Karangasem regency. It serves as a ferry port for travel to Lombok, the Gilis, and other of the Lesser Sunda Island. Near of Padang Bai, there’s a very beautiful sandy beach named Blue Lagoon. It can offer you such a wonderful marine life, such as octopus, eels, stonefish, sharks, and crocodile fish. Other site that you can dive in is Jepun. It is located in the north of Padang Bai, named after a temple on the around one hundred meters high cliff. Pura Jepun is actually a shallow coral reefs with many baby fishes that you can even see in the depth of 5 m. You can find crocodile fishes here and blue spotted stingray. There’s a current that might bring you to Blue Lagoon. The last site is Bias Tugal. It is a very beautiful white sandy beach. The dive site is right in front of the beach. The flat bottom is covered with soft and hard corals and it slopes steeply down until 50 m in a sandy bottom. Generally, you will find stingrays, turtles, and nudibranch on the slope, but you can also find sharks, large stingrays, and lobster in the horizontal crevices at the depth of 30 m.
  • Tepekong at a glance:
  • Access  : 15 minutes by jukung from Padang Bai
  • Marine life : hard and soft corals, mola-mola, schooling barracudas, turtles, and pelagic species like white tip reef sharks
  • Visibility : more than 20 m
  • Current : moderate to strong, unpredictable and at some point changing directions which may include strong undertow and surge, experienced divers only recommended
  • Highlight : The west side of Tepekong offers a slight drop off and some underwater reef structure that is very rich in underwater life. In around 21 meters depth you will find a hole that connect east side of the island to the west side, you should try entering it. When entering the hole you often see at the end blue water which group of ribbon sweetlips (Plectorhinchus polytaenia) and diagonal banded sweetlips (Plectorhinchus lineatus). It is so beautiful and mystical.
  • Tepekong is a 300 m long rocky island in the north of Padang Bai. It offers spectacular diving in Bali. The sometimes cold water and current in this site, make it only for the more experienced divers. Here you can see sharks, rays, moral eels, and big pelagic. In Tepekong, there are two interesting sites for diving, the Canyon – located in the very south-western tip of Tepekong with max. 40 m depth, and the Wall, on the right side of a small coral reef on the slope in the depth of 14 m.
  • In the Canyon area, you may see the dramatic beauty of these stunning, craggy black stone walls if there’s no current. In the usual current, your view will be obstructed by the huge schools of sweetlips, bumphead parrotfish, batfish, white tip sharks, snapper and big eyed trevally, and in August to October you may can see tuna and mola-mola!
  • And in the Wall area, you can see the beautiful marine life such as tuna, parrotfish, barracuda, occasional turtle, angelfish, butterfly fish, triggerfish, and sweetlips. The current here is sometimes strong down and surging.
  • Mimpang at a glance:
  • Access  : 15 minutes ‘jukung’ ride from Padang Bai
  • Marine life : reef sharks, leopard sharks, mola-mola, angelfish, napoleon wrasse, white tip shark, black rays, sea fans
  • Visibility : 10 – 25 m
  • Current : moderate to strong (not for beginner)
  • Highlight : a great place to see sharks of all Bali
  • Mimpang is a small island located with other two rocks (Tepekong and Biaha) in a row. Here you can meet coral reefs with white sandy bottom. Normally, you can see some kinds of sharks here, often in large numbers. And mola-mola are usually seen in this site in August – September. The underwater is quite alive in this site because there are many healthy fresh corals and gorgonians. Beautiful view.
  • Biaha at a glance:
  • Access  : 15 minutes ‘jukung’ ride from PadangBai
  • Marine life : interesting corals, crabs, white tip reef sharks, morays, anglerfish, leaf scorpionfish, octopus, cuttlefish, lobsters, various nudibranch
  • Visibility : 10 – 30 m
  • Current : moderate to strong (not for beginner)
  • Highlight : there’s a shark cave in only 12 meters dive!
  • Biaha is a small island in the north of Tepekong which has large marine life. Having deep channel and the tidal current sets strongly through it, Gili Biaha also has 6 – 40 m (20 – 130 feet) depth. You can enjoy the shark cave and vertical wall on the inside of the crescent shaped isle followed by a magnificent drift scuba dive around the outer side of the island.
  • Tulamben at a glance:
  • Access  : an hour and a half drive from Candidasa
  • Marine life : corals, gorgonians, bumphead parrotfish, fairy busslets, pufferfish, hawkfish, damselfish, ghost pipefish, cometfish, barracuda, tuna, trevally, great hammerhead sharks, manta rays
  • Visibility : 12 – 25 m
  • Current : zero to mild, ideal for the beginners
  • Highlight : There’s a USAT Liberty wreck lies in Tulamben. Nice spot to dive in!
  • Tulamben is a small fishing village on the north-east coast of Bali. It is among the most popular dive sites on Bali since the wreck of the Liberty, a US Army Transport ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942 lies just off shore. It can be reach about 25 m from the shore and in 30 m deep. The highest point of the wreck is just 5 m from the surface.
  • AMED
  • Amed at a glance
  • Access  : an hour drive from Candidasa
  • Marine life : staghorn coral field, sweetlips, turtle, barracuda, trevally, triggerfish, dogtooth tuna, napoleon wrasses, and if you’re lucky, manta rays
  • Visibility : 15 – 30 m
  • Current : mild to moderate
  • Highlight : there’s a pinnacle which erects from the depth of 25 m forming scenic swim through in 20 m.
  • Amed is located in north east Bali, 40 minutes away from Candi Dasa. The dive starts in a shallow area about 3-8 m deep to a beautiful coral garden. Its stunning coral is ideal for beginners and experienced. In this location, you can enjoy a coral wall plus sponges as well as hard and soft living corals. And you can also find a Japanese shipwreck just a few meters from the shore, in shallow waters, about 20 m long. It is fully covered with healthy soft and hard corals. Ideal for all level of divers and snorkellers.
  • Nusa penida at a glance
  • Access  : 30 minute ride by boat from Padang Bai
  • Marine life : white tip and grey reef sharks, turtles, manta rays, sunfish, huge schools of healthy reef fish, large pelagics, macro critters, pristine hard and soft corals, gorgonian sea fans, sweetlips
  • Visibility : 15 – 40 m
  • Current : mild to strong
  • Highlight : Nusa penida is the main diving location for sunfish. The season runs from August until the end of October
  • Nusa Penida is the largest of 3 islands (the others being Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan). The water is colder because of the of the ocean currents. The current is mild to (sometimes) strong. It is divided in two sides of diving area, the north one, and the south one. The area of north side is including Toyapakeh, Crystal Bay, Sental, and Blue Corner. And the south side is Manta Point.
  • In Toyapakeh, we can see a reef starting at 14 m, usually with the current going to the left. You may be surprised to meet jackfish, moray eels, napoleon wrasse, scorpionfish, mola-mola, and turtles. If you dive wall and slope in Sental, to depths between 5 and 25 m, you will find big ocean-going fish, such as manta ray, white tip and black tip shark, barracuda and tuna. The current is usually strong and the visibility is excellent, about 18-30 m. The last one, there’s a long thin island off Penida’s north west corner named Blue Corner. At 10 m, there’s a very popular drift diving. It’s strong and sometimes downward. You can meet mola-mola (during the season), sharks, eagle ray, and napoleon wrasse.
  • Dive in Crystal Bay, you can find a sandy bottom too, at 15 m, with soft corals. The current is sometimes strong (horizontal). There’s a Bat Cave with entry from underwater, surface inside the cave which is open to the sky. And as after the name, there are bats there! At the very deep, there are hard corals and a large number of lobsters.
  • Dive in Manta Point, you can find a sandy bottom in the depth 12-18 m. This is where Manta comes in to feed. The current is small but sometimes the surge is strong.

  • Manta Point at a glance:
  • Access  :  an 45 minute ride by boat from Padang Bai
  • Marine life : Manta rays, cuttle fish, lion fish, trigger fish, sea moth, tuna, tiger mackerel, nudibranch, planktons, and sometimes nurse shark and mola-mola
  • Visibility : 5 – 10 meters
  • Current : rarely has current but sometimes has strong surge (beginners to experienced)
  • Highlight : this is the place where Manta usually comes to feed
  • Crystal point at a glance:
  • Access  : an hour ride ride by boat from Candidasa
  • Marine life : Sunfish, lion fish, scorpion fish, frog fish, nudibranchs, bamboo shark, reef sharks, titan trigger fish, turtles
  • Visibility : 15+ m
  • Current :  sometimes strong (horizontal)
  • Highlight : a Bat Cave with entry from underwater, surface inside the cave which is opened to the sky.
  • Menjangan island at a glance:
  • Access  : 4 hours drive from Candidasa
  • Marine life : pygmy seahorses, morays, batfish, titan triggerfish, fuseliers, longnose hawkfish, white tip sharks
  • Visibility : 15 – 40 m
  • Current : variable

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Jalan Raya Candi Dasa, Candi Dasa – Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

Correspondence Address: P.O BOX 3386, Denpasar 80235, Bali, Indonesia

AquaMarine Diving – Bali

AquaMarine Diving, Bali – 5 Star PADI Dive Resort

British ownership together with the expertise of our local diving staff make an unbeatable combination.

We are dedicated to ensuring you experience the best quality diving possible – whether it’s a single Day Trip or a fully-inclusive multi-day underwater macro-photography package.

In terms of safety and personalized service, we are unrivaled.

Bali’s world-class diving combined with the fantastic selection of topside activities and places to visit make the perfect holiday destination for both divers and non-divers.

AquaMarine only offers Bali’s best diving locations, including: Nusa Penida – drift-diving, Tulamben Bay – wreck- and reef-diving, Padangbai – sharks and pelagics, Menjangan Island – wall-diving, Puri Jati, Secret Bay and Seraya Slopes – muck-diving, macro-photography Please visit our website, or e-mail us, to find out more about our personal service, PADI courses and custom-made diving packages (to include accommodation, tours and land activities). Photo specialist dive guides available.

Dive Courses: Click

Dive Sites: Secret Bay, Menjangan Island, Puri Jati, Tulamben Bay, Tulamben Area, Amed, (Click)

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Tel: 0361 738020

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Jalan Petitenget 2A, Kuta, 80361, Bali, Indonesia


Adelaar Cruises

Adelaar Cruises – Liveaboard – SY Adelaar

Top End Luxury liveaboard cruises on a historic Dutch Schooner, built in 1902, but in top shape having undergone a complete refit in 2009.

Small Groups (max 8 divers per trip)

Style: Classical yacht

Very modern safety and entertainment equipment

En-suite warm water showers and toilets in every cabin

Individual controllable Air Con in every cabin

Main destination: 11 days dive and sailing trips Bali-Komodo-Bali

Other destinations: any part of Indonesia or beyond for full boat (group) charters

Dive Sites: Komodo, Bali, Alor, Flores, Papua, Sulawesi, Maluku, Lombok, Moyo, Sangeang, Sumba, Halmahera (Click)

Contact Details: (Please mention if you contact this company)

Tel: +62 8123 874313

Email: Click

Website: English Click &    Deutch Click &     Francais Click

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Gallery: Click

Sy Adelaar, Benoa Harbour, Bali, Indonesia

Absolute Scuba Bali

Absolute Scuba, Jalan Pantai Silayukti, Padang Bai, Amlapura, Bali, Indonesia, 80872

Absolute Scuba Bali – Resort and Dive Shop

Experience the excellence of diving in Bali. Enjoy a Balinese diving trip with the added attraction and benefits of Bali’s unique culture and shopping.

Absolute Scuba Bali operates one day dive trips or multi-day dive safaris throughout Bali. We specialize in quality, tailor made, custom scuba diving tours.

You tell us where and how many days you wish to dive and we put the best together for you.

Our experienced dive guides and instructors (local and international) will make your dive holiday a safe and enjoyable experience. From first-time divers to experienced underwater photographers.

Absolute Scuba Bali welcomes all who love the sea and marine life to share our underwater treasures in Bali.

From June to November some of Bali’s Dive Sites are frequently by the elusive and mysterious Ocean Sunfish or Mola Mola. Absolute Scuba Bali offers specialised dive safaris to increase your chances of spotting the Mola Mola

Dive Courses: (Click)

Dive Sites: Manta Point, Crystal Bay, Biaha, Tepekong, Tulamben, Cemeluk – Amed, Pandang (Click)

Contact Details: (Please mention if you contact this company)

Tel: +62 (0) 36 342088

Email: Click

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Skype: absolute-padangbai-reservations

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Jalan Pantai Silayukti, Padang Bai, Amlapura, Bali, Indonesia, 80872


Big Apple Dive Resort


Mabuhay (Welcome)! Looking for a break from the stress of working life or just a relaxing holiday? Then look no further than Big Apple Dive Resort! If it is just relaxing by the pool, sun bathing on the floating bar, scuba diving for fun or advancement of your scuba diving skills then the Big Apple is the place to be for affordable beachfront accommodation in Puerto Galera.

With the friendliest and sweetest staff anywhere in the Philippines, Big Apple Dive Resort is located right in the middle of Sabang Beach within a few minutes walking distance of all the famous nightlife and restaurants.

10 Reasons to Stay at Big Apple

Best value for money resort accommodation in Puerto Galera!

Cleanest and clearest Swimming Pool in Sabang!

Liveliest bars on the beach with our own Sports Bar and new music bar, Big Apple Cafe!

Cutest and friendliest waitresses and staff in town!

Restaurant open to serve food and beverages 24HRS every day with ALL NEW Cajun/Creole Special dishes every week!

All the latest sports via satellite on the BIG SCREEN in our sports bar and also our main bar and cafe!

Happy Hours: 8am – 8pm in main bar, 5pm – 8pm in Sports Bar, 6pm- 8pm in BA Divers Cafe!

High Quality Billiard Tables and Great Music!

Guaranteed 24HR Power with 2 Standby Generators!


10 Reasons to Dive at Big Apple

Highest level of customer care, we set up, carry and wash all your dive gear for you!

Cheapest rates for scuba diving and PADI Courses in Puerto Galera! (Price Promise)

Guaranteed diving in small groups!


30+ Fantastic dive sites including Wrecks, Caves, Walls, Drop-Offs, Swim-Throughs and Drift Diving ALL just 10 MINUTES off the beach!

Fully qualified, experienced and professional expat Divemasters and Instructors!

Full safety equipment on our dive boat including O2!

Excellent Swimming Pool, perfect for training!

VIP Dive Club rewards returning Customers!

Secret Dive Sites such as Thresher Shark diving at Secret Shark Cave and Mandarin Fish Colony at Kenny’s Reef!

The resort is open 24hrs for your convenience, with our restaurant serving a wide range of food and beverages to satisfy all or any drinking and taste requirements you may have. Two full size billiard tables take pride of place in the bar overlooking the bay of Sabang and it’s a great place to make new friends and enjoy the fun–loving atmosphere that Big Apple has to offer.

Boasting a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets from quaint cottage style fan rooms to luxury air conditioned apartments we are confident that we can serve your needs in the comfort and style that you desire; with guaranteed 24hr power ensuring that your stay will be as comfortable as in your own home.

For all you sporting fans, we have a great number of live sporting events for you to watch on our cinematic television system; ‘Super Sports’ Satellite TV. Fixtures for this are regularly updated on our website!

PADI eLearning, Our fully equipped dive shop is found adjacent to the tropical garden swimming pool, a popular place to hang out with friends and enjoy the sunshine with cold drinks served at our poolside bar! The pool is expertly maintained and crystal clear. Students are made to feel very comfortable in the hands of our expert PADI instructors whilst enjoying perfect course training conditions in the BEST pool in Puerto Galera!

With regularly maintained and serviced scuba equipment from quality named brands and careful planning applied to ALL our dives we can assure you that your diving experience with us is made as SAFE as is possible in any weather conditions.

Our fabulous location ensures that you are only minutes away from over thirty top dive sites to cater for all levels of diving experience, from thrilling wreck dives to electric drift dives, walls, caves, swim-throughs, reefs and drop-offs; we have it all….just waiting for you to discover!

For a change of pace, why not try one of the many activities found locally in the area: game fishing, kayaking, hiking, hash house harriers, golf, sailing, beach hopping, Mangyan village and water fall tours or perhaps you may like to take a leisurely walk along one of the many beautiful forest trails in the area or have fun at one of our famous beach barbeque parties? Ask us for more details 🙂

Please take a few minutes and enjoy surfing our website to see what Big Apple Dive Resort has to offer….. We hope to see you here in the Big Apple Soon!

Dive Courses: Click

Dive Sites: Puerto Galera, Coral Gardens, Batangas Channel, The Hill, Saband Wrecks, Hole in the Wall, Sinandigan Wall, The Boulders, Coral Cove, Ernies Cave, Wrecks Point, Escarceo Point, St Christopher, Alma Jane, Wrecks, Canyons, Shark Cave, Washing Machine, Kilima Drift, Japanese Wreck, Verde Island Drop Off, Monkey Wreck.   Click

Contact Details: (Please mention if you contact this company)

Tel: +63 432 873134

Handphone: +63 9194 498298

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facebook: Click

Big Apple Dive Resort, Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro 5203 Philippines

Badian Diving Center

Island Resort & Spa

A beautiful island just off the Southwest Coast of Cebu. With a private sandy beach, and an azure lagoon. With Restaurants & Bars, A Natural Spa offering many different treatments including Massage, Facials, Scrubs etc a Thalasso, Waterfalls and Sea Water Pools. It’s the perfect spot for a wedding or honeymoon. We offer lots of entertainments and excursions. Various water sports are available and of course world class diving.

The BADIAN DIVE CENTER is conveniently located at the beachfront of BADIAN ISLAND RESORT & SPA, Cebu, Philippines. It operates all year round and is equipped with the highest standard of dive equipment.

It has a modern classroom with Video shows and follows the PADI standards and a swimming pool that can accommodate a maximum of ten (10) student divers for skill practices.

The Dive School offers beginner Courses up to Dive Master as well as Speciality Courses that include:







Our Dive Center has highly qualified efficient, friendly staffs to serve our multi-national guests:

Instructor: MICHAEL A. GO – PADI # 487639

A Filipino Dive Instructor that has been a PADI Professional since 2006 and has been guiding and teaching his entire diving career in the Philippines.

Dive master:   MARIO   PADI#46105  since 1989

JESS   PADI#490619  since 2007

Dive Guides and Boat Captains


* Diving staffs who know the area very well   * Complete medic-first aid kit including Oxygen

* Emergency signal equipment   * Cellular phone


The Philippines undersea world has extensive reef systems, dense, colourful marine life and warm tropical water (depending upon the season 27°C to 30°C). It is estimated that in the Philippine Reefs there exist most underwater species in the world. There are more than 2000 species of fish and more than 800 species of soft and hard coral. Amazing visibility up to 50 meters and it is possible to dive 12 months of the year.

Dive Courses:  Click

Dive Sites:  BADIAN ISLAND: Coral Gardens, Garden Eels, Badian Wall, Fisherman’s Cave, Sawang.

PESCADOR ISLAND: Located 20 to 30 minute boat ride from the resort, one of the primary dive spots in the Philippines. Gorgonian Colors, Cathedral, Snapper Point,

MOALBOAL:  Sampaguita, Tongo Point, Talisay Point

WHITE BEACH: (Only Day Tours) You can find one of the best beaches in the Cebu area 1 hour boat ride from Badian Island. Saavedra, Copton Point (Wreck).

LAMBUG REEF: Lambug Beach, Bolok Bolok


ALEGRIA: STA. Filomena Sanctuary, Sea Fan Alley.


Contact Details: (Please mention if you contact this company)

Tel: +63 (32) 475 1102   and   +63 (32) 475 1106

Handphone: +63 9177 274931   and   +63 9209526293   and   +63 9209 53362

Email: Click and    Click

Website: (Click)

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Badian Island Resort & SPA, Badian Island, Cebu, Philippines

Artistic Diving Resort

A Diving Resort

Artistic Diving Resort is located at the beach front of Punta Ballo, Sipalay City Philippines. It was founded in 1998 as the first dive operation in the entire region and is owned by the Swiss National and Diving Instructor Arthur Mueller MSDT #97630 and his Filipino wife Evalyn Mueller (Rescue Diver). In the meantime, we’ve discovered more than 43 diving sites which are all ready for you to explore. Together with our friendly staff, we’re continuously expanding our clean resort. Today, we offer now 16 nice air-con bungalows all at the very beach front. The City of Sipalay established a new concrete road to our facilities. It is now a very pleasant access to our Beach Resort. A new restaurant and modern kitchen offers delicious local and international cuisines, even a la carte. Now, we also offer an excellent Mongolian Barbecue Buffet for you. Our nice swimming pool invites you for any kind of pleasure and is a great start to learn diving. Apart from diving, snorkeling, eating and relaxing, you can also try beach volleyball, table tennis, or billiards.

Dive Courses: Click

Dive Sites: We have more than 40 Dive Sites in the Area of Sipalay. Many of them Right in Front of the Resort:  Click

Contact Details: (Please mention if you contact this company)

Tel: 0063 344 532710

Handphone: 0063 9194 095594

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Artistic Diving, Punta Ballo White Beach Resort, 6113 Sipalay City, Negros, Philippines