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Have You Ever Considered Diving In The Lebanon?

Have you ever considered  diving in Lebanese waters.

Here’s an interesting article on Diving in the Lebanon from The Daily Star (Lebanon)


Interesting Article on Kids and Juniors Scuba Program Success

I found the following article interesting and hope that it might have some impact on creating further kids programs elsewhere.

My own youngest son aged just 14 has recently got his PADI Advanced Scuba Diver ranking and what was even better was his older Brother was his Instructor.

Getting people younger and earlier into the sport will create a much longer period of potential earning for dive businesses and lead to people being more aware and protective of the natural world around them.

Scuba Diving is a pastime that requires some element of common sense and health and safety awareness as well as team work all of which will benefit our children going forwarrd.

Click the Link Below for the Article


Scuba Diving From An Old Oil Rig Off Malaysian Borneo

Here is a superb article that I found on The Wall Street Journal – Travel

It’s all about Seaventures who operate an Ex Drilling Platform based just of off  Sipadan Island follow the link below it’s a great article.


Scuba Diver 48 Found Dead (Mission Beach, San Diego)

A scuba diver has been found  dead by the San Diego lifeguard near a popular diving spot off of Mission Beach, San Diego, USA.

Click the link for details

News From Geko Dive, Bali

News from Geko Dive

For Earth Day in April this year we ran the biggest clean-up in East Bali, with over 300 participants.  We spoke to the school children about how to minimize and recycle waste and then encouraged them to take part in the clean up event.  We provided over 200 t-shirts for them.

In September we want to do more!!  Our aim is to hold a competition between the schools to see which one gathers the most rubbish!! The winning school will receive a computer, not a diving computer but a desktop one!!

If you are around in Bali on 26th September and would like to help in our underwater clean-up or the School event please contact us.

Donations towards making this project happen are appreciated.

Geko Dive

Jalan Silayukti, Padang Bai, Bali


Tel: +62 (0)363 41516

Fax: +62 (0)363 41516

E-mail: [email protected]

Geko Dive

Woman Dies After Scuba Diving in Southwestern Minnesota

A 58 year old woman died after scuba diving in Southwestern Minnesota

Read the Story Here:

Fire Shuts Bonaire Oil Terminal

The Tiny Caribbean island of Bonaire is a Popular Scuba Diving Destination and it has been affected by a fire at a fuel terminal.

Read the Story Here:

Update on places available from MV DiveRACE

from facebook from our friends at DiveRace

9th to 12th Sept – 4 spaces left. 17th to 19th Sept – 13 spaces left. MV DiveRACE

B&J Is Organizing an Event on Tioman, Please Get involved

from facebook friday 3rd September from our friends at B&J Diving Centre please support them if you can

B&J is again organizing an event for the International Coastal and Beach Cleanup Day, which will be held on Tioman during the weekend of 25th/26th September 2010. We like to invite you to take part and contribute your part to the conservation of our reefs.

The event will be held from our two centres in Salang Bay and in ABC on Tioman Island and will include a Crown of Thorns (COT) Injection and collection expedition, a house reef cleanup, a beach cleanup and very likely also the sinking of a sailboat for the purpose of becoming an artificial reef.

Crown Of Thorns Starfish:
Even though it is true that we have had some coral bleaching on our reefs, diving is still great and we need to protect our hard corals from the never fasting Crown of Thorns starfish. As emailed earlier this year, we have sponsored an injection unit called SpotGun to inject the COT with a bio-degradable poison (Dry Acid). We’re planning to focus during the event on 4 different dive sites, namely Chebeh Island, Fan Canyon, Sepoi Island and One Tree Bay.

House Reef Cleanup:
Luckily the house reefs on Tioman are not really polluted by rubbish and debris, but unfortunately this can’t be said about the jetty in Salang Bay. As such we will conduct at least one beach dive at this location to collect as much rubbish as we can.

Beach Cleanup:
After a day of diving we will equip ourselves with gloves and rubbish bags and stroll along the beach of Salang and ABC to collect whatever rubbish we might find.

Artificial Reef:
We might even be taking part in sinking a sailboat as an artificial reef at one of our existing dive sites. This boat sunk in the bay of Air Batang (ABC) and the local Marine Park is currently negotiating with the owner to donate it to us for the purpose of becoming an artificial reef.

Costs involved:
We’ve always been a big supporter of PADI’s non profit organization Project AWARE. We believe that we all have to do our part to conserve our oceans for future generations. As such, B&J is not only acting as an organizer for this event but also as a sponsor. As such, we only charge MYR 300.00 for these 5 dives (or MYR 150.00 per day) including BBQ Dinner and wall certificate.

We’re also planning to organize a lucky draw with prices such as T-Shirts, Dive Retail and Free Dives to raise some funds for Project AWARE.

The costs of MYR 150.00 per day do not include accommodation and transportation. We will be happy to assist you with booking ferry tickets (Bluewater Ferries, MYR 35.00 per way) and resort for you (check out http://www.divetioman.com/tioman_accommodation.html).

Possible Itinerary:

Saturday, 25th September:
09:30am: Event briefing at our dive centre in Salang Bay
10:00am: Departure to Chebeh Island for COT Injection and collection
12:00pm: Lunch break at Coral Island
13:00pm: COT Injection and collection at One Tree Bay
14:30pm: Return to Salang Bay
15:00pm: Cleanup dive at the jetty in Salang
17:00pm: Beach Cleanup
19:30pm: BBQ at our dive centre

Sunday, 26th September:
09:30am: Departure to Sepoi Island for COT Injection and collection
12:00pm: Lunch break at Coral Island
13:00pm: COT Injection and collection at Fan Canyon
14:30pm: Return to Salang Bay

Hopefully you can make it for this event. Please email to Martin ([email protected]) to confirm your participation or if you have any questions.

Happy bubbles & healthy reefs,

Your B&J Dive Team

B&J Diving Centre Sdn. Bhd.
Tioman Island – Malaysia

Web: www.divetioman.com
Email: [email protected]
Tel. Salang: +60 9 419 55 55
Tel. ABC: +60 9 419 12 18

Amazing DIVE – Viva la Scuba

I love this video for many reasons but most of all because it’s smart marketing, the Team at AmazingDive know how to make themselves very visible.
Another scuba company connected to AmazingDive have an Ipod App, this is the kind of marketing awareness that will make YOUR scuba company easier to find before your competitors.

If you have any videos you would like us to show please send us a link.